Survivor at 40

I’ve been obsessed with Survivor for roughly two-thirds of my life. Twenty years! Since season 1 premiered in 2000, when I was nine years old, I’ve been hooked. The show means a lot to me, as anything one has loved for that long inevitably does.

So, in honor of it’s 40th (all-winner!) season, a selection of 40 of my all-time favorite players (plus a few extras) from the first 39 seasons:

Honorable Mentions:

I would like to say “Here’s to another 40!”, but I won’t. While I’m certainly looking forward to season 40, the show isn’t what it was. Much of the magic is gone, and season 39 was a mess. But, that said, I will continue to watch for as long as it is on, and will always, always be grateful for all it’s given me. So, here’s to nostalgia, and to legacy, and to outwit, outplay and outlast.



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