This is a love story.

I’m very into holiday traditions. And just as I spend Christmas with Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Santa Claus and New Year’s with Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones, I spend Valentine’s Day with Meryl Streep as Julia Child (often as part one of a double-feature with another of my favorite of Meryl’s, It’s Complicated).

It may not be the most traditional Valentine’s fare in the world, but I love Julie & Julia (for a lot of reasons). And the emotional core of the film, the relationship between Julia and Paul, is one of my all-time favorite movie romances. It’s not flashy or grand or life (or even film)-defining (the movie isn’t technically about Julia and Paul), but it’s tender and it’s genuine and it’s sweet and it’s moving. It feels real. It feels true. And while I LOVE an epic romance, that’s the kind of love I’m most interested. On screen and off.

And whenever I watch the film, I’m reminded of that. Of what love is, and how it can be. And to the extent I am in a relationship where there is love akin to that kind between my partner and me, I find myself feeling, time after time, so lucky to be loving that way.

Happy V-day.