Requiem For A Dream

Suffice to say the 2020 Democratic Primary has not gone as I hoped it would. And there is nothing I can do about that. I did my part. I supported the candidate I believed in and I tried to convince others to do the same. But she came up short. The majority of primary voters, in my opinion, made the wrong choice and cast their lot in with inferior candidates for various reasons. And that is what it is. It’s how democracy works, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too upset about it. But I am upset. I am so tremendously disappointed that once again, the smartest, most competent, most hard-working person in the race has lost because she is a woman. And I am so disgusted by the ignorant, misogynistic rhetoric currently surrounding the last woman in the race spewing from both sides of the aisle and of the party, especially the “progressive” camp. I am so sick of being governed by leaders who do not reflect the values or the diversity of this country.

I came of age under the Obama administration. I was 17 in 2008, and as a result of that election, I entered the adult world believing that America was moving in the right direction, believing that, at the end of the day, good will win and change can happen and the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. The 2016 election was the single most defining moment in my life. It obliterated everything I thought I knew about the world and broke something in me I don’t think can ever fully be repaired. Still, I believed on some level that things could change for the positive, and had hope for 2020. And to realize that, in many ways at least, things haven’t changed, and won’t, is devastating. The next leader of this country will be a pompous white male in his 70s. Cool.

I’m sure I will come around at some point and stop moping, for now, in this moment, I would just like to say, I’m sad. And I’m frustrated. And I’m fucking pissed. The reality of this country is not one I want to be living in. And not one I can imagine brining a child into. And that’s a horrible way to have to live. But, here we are. Had better start making the best of it.

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All of that said, I will, of course, persist. Because I know that’s what Liz would want.